About Sarah

Sarah works everyday to be a great mother, a loving wife, and a fierce competitor. It is her diligence, persistence, and competitive spirit that has paved the way for her to begin her journey of trying to become a professional triathlete.
Sarah grew up in Sacramento, California where competitive swimming was her focus and carried her through the collegiate level. After college she casually picked up running and qualified for Boston in her first marathon. Watching her mother compete in triathlons as a child planted the seed. All she needed was a bike. So in January 2012, 8 weeks after her daughter Grace was born, she hopped on her first bike and the journey began.
Sure, Sarah wants to achieve her personal goals, but she also has something bigger in mind. Sarah wants to inspire, motivate, and encourage those who follow along to share in the competitive spirit and take pride in personal accomplishment. Sarah wants to show that you can give fully to your family, your job and give to yourself. Whatever that means for you, be inspired and take it on. Find your State of Grace!